Rotoscoping Animation


9Pixel studio is providing a comprehensive rotoscoping solution for the film industry in the world. We bring the most realistic moving picture sequences. The areas in which we are providing services are:

  • Film studios
  • Enterprises
  • Individual filmmakers

With highly skilled and technical team, we help clients complete complex special effects projects, include using of mattes effects painting, cloning and touch-up, motion tracking and stereo workflows. or conversion, etc.

ROTOSCOPING service is offered by 9pixel

As a rotoscoping company, 9Pixel is ready to provide all the rotoscoping animations that you need, including:

Matte Creation

We create accurate mattes when it is required to composite elements from a live-action clip onto another background.

Motion Tracking

If you need to remove shakes from footage or add elements to moving images, our rotoscoping professionals can produce a seamless sequence for you.

Cloning and Paint Touch-up

We touch up your footage to remove unnecessary elements, like rigs, wires, scratches, and more. We use continually adjustable spline technology to ensure consistent results.

Effects Painting

Our skilled artists are experts at adding new elements to specific scenes in the production, utilizing vector graphics and other tools.


Clean 3D animation

Story of 9Pixel

9Pixel is the special effects division of Plus Studio, the largest 3D animation studio in Vietnam.

We have been producing 3D animations for big enterprises in Vietnam such as KUN dairy, Pepsico, Poca… and many big projects in cooperation with Vietnam Cinema Department, Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism of Viet nam , Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam…, we also implement other services to foreign businesses and individuals.

With many years of experience, we are confident that we can handle big film projects, television series that require high quality and fast time.

We have different resources with other rotoscoping companies:

Besides the usual team of graphic artists, we have completed the rotoscoping training process for the deaf with a special curriculum and they have participated in film projects both at home and abroad. Products of the deaf have been verified by clients. With the process of training Rotoscoping for the deaf, the support of the Vietnamese government, we are confident that we can expand the workforce in Vietnam up to tens of thousands of people, this means we can handle a huge amount of rotoscoping work.

Let us make you go through our essential qualities so that you know your path:

  • Our rotoscoping serves accessible communication with viewers.
  • We use the latest software and animation technology.
  • Our ideal purpose is to provide you complete satisfaction with our work. That’s why we only hire professionals for image and video editing.
  • We deliver projects on scheduled time.
  • We’re 24/7 ready for extra changes. And we’re happy to provide you as many revisions as you want.

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